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The Personality Questionnaire consists of 60 multiple choice questions that ask about your preferences, habits, and the way you react and think in various life situations. This is a self-scoring questionnaire, requiring on average 20-30 minutes to complete with proper consideration of each question. Your mileage may vary.

Upon scoring your questionnaire, you will be sorted (based on your answers) into one of sixteen possible personality types, and can begin your journey of self-discovery. Please take your four-letter type on a tour of this website, which contains loads of free information about the personality types; information that is highly-esteemed by both those in the field, and the newby layperson (to our endless gratification).

To protect your privacy, we don't store any personally identifiable data on our servers. The results of your test and all other data are in no way available to the public or any would-be hackers who venture to steal such information.

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