Introverted Feeling (Fi)

It's the dominant function of INFPs and ISFPs and plays an important role in 8 of the 16 types. How does it work?

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Introverted Feeling (Fi) is a cognitive function in Jungian psychology that emphasizes an internal, deeply personal evaluation of emotions, values, and a sense of what feels authentic or true to oneself. Unlike Extraverted Feeling, which is more attuned to the emotions and values of the external environment, Introverted Feeling is an inward-focused function, concerned with an individual's inner world and personal moral compass.

In effect, Fi is like an intricate, private emotional landscape where feelings about external happenings are processed, analyzed, and weighed against an internal set of values, with a lot of emphasis on subjectivity and the individual's unique sense of right and wrong. It's like a secret emotional workshop inside your mind. It's all about crafting your personal vibe, being the DJ of your own feelings and values. Emotions and personal beliefs hang out in Fi's workshop, get analyzed against things going on in the outer world, and a "feeling vibe" is created. It's more than just a feeling; it's about diving deep into what those feelings mean to you, creating your own unique emotional dictionary.

Fi acts like an internal truth detector, guiding decisions based on what feels genuinely right to the Fi user. It demands its owner to be authentic and true to their own value system, like a personal GPS that wants to make sure they stay on the path that's true to themself.

Personalities using Fi, whether in the dominant or secondary position, are all about being real and authentic to themselves. They'd rather stay true to their vibe than conform to societal expectations, but if they are people pleasers, they will put in massive amounts of effort to find ways to conform to people's expectations while keeping true to themselves. Fi demands its users to live life by their own rules, stay loyal to their own ideas of right and wrong, dance to the beat of their own drum. Fi users (dominant and secondary) also have deeply personal and intense relationships with their emotions. They delve into the depth of their feelings, seeking not just what they feel, but why they feel it. This encourages a constant refinement of their value systems, almost like fine-tuning a musical instrument to enable it to harmonize with their core beliefs.

Introverted Feeling is the key to personal harmony and authenticity, where every emotion and belief is like a unique puzzle piece that shapes its very own, ever-evolving work of art, where every brush stroke matters, and the inner value system of the individual using Fi is the masterpiece.

The shadow function of Fi is Extraverted Thinking. Fi has little respect for logic that does not consider subjective values.

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