Carl Jung and
Personality Theory

The pioneer of modern
personality types and the MBTI.

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Jung resources

Jungian Psychological Type? You might think "that's so twentieth century!" And yes, yes it is. But it's still relevant today. Nobody does Jung like Jung, and his insights into the human psyche were profound. We offer this original material on Jungian thought with respect to personality types because it's still interesting, still useful.

The theory

Read about the science behind Carl Jung's work in discerning and defining eight personality types, and how it became the basis for the 16 MBTI types.

Jungian type profiles

Read PersonalityPage's type profiles for the eight Jungian personality types.

Jungian type functions

Read our descriptions of the eight cognitive functions that are the building blocks of the personality types.

The test

Take our free personality test to find out which of the eight Jungian personality type categories you fit into


The concept of individuation was central to Jung's philosophy of personality. What does it mean?

The Collective Unconscious

Jung said we all have it. Exactly what is it?

The Shadow Function

Learn more about the shadow, or Inferior function, and how it influences personality.

Active imagination

Jung is often credited with creating the process of active imagination, as a means of encouraging individuation. Learn more about that process here.


Carl Jung created and described the term "synchronicity" in 1929. What does it mean?