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Careers for ESTJ Personality Types


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Whether you're a young adult trying to find your place in the world, or a not-so-young adult trying to find out if you're moving along the right path, it's important to understand yourself and the personality traits that will impact your likeliness to succeed or fail at various careers. It's equally important to understand what is really important to you. When armed with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and an awareness of what you truly value, you are in an excellent position to pick a career that you will find rewarding.

The following traits are generally found in ESTJ:

  1. Natural leaders - they like to be in charge
  2. Value security and tradition
  3. Loyal
  4. Hard-working and dependable
  5. Athletic and wholesome
  6. Have a clear set of standards and beliefs that they live by
  7. No patience with incompetence or inefficiency
  8. Excellent organizational abilities
  9. Enjoy creating order and structure
  10. Very thorough
  11. Will follow projects through to completion
  12. Straight-forward and honest
  13. Driven to fulfill their duties

ESTJs have a lot of flexibility in the types of careers that they choose. They are good at a lot of different things, because they put forth a tremendous amount of effort towards doing things the right way. They will be happiest in leadership positions, however, because they have a natural drive to be in charge. They are best suited for jobs that require creating order and structure.

Possible Careers Paths for ESTJ

The following list of professions is built on real data from people who have taken the MBTI© and/or Personality Questionnaire©, and upon our impressions of careers that would be especially suitable for an ESTJ. It is meant to be a starting place, rather than an exhaustive list. There are no guarantees that any or all of the careers listed here would be appropriate for you, or that your best career match is among those listed here.

  Military leader
  Business Admin
  Police Officer
  Financial Officer
  Sales Rep

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